Metered Delivery

Ad blue For the Automovtive Sector.

P&S Simpson can carry out MID Approved metered multi drop deliveries of Ad-blue into Fuel forecourts, haulage Depots, Train Yards, Bus Depots and Car Dealerships amongst other for use in road going vehicle as well as other forms as transport such and passenger and freight trains.


Ad-Blue is used in SCR technology-equipped diesel engines to reduce the production of NOx gases (Nitrogen Oxides) that are produced from the diesel engine.


Water Treatment Services (UK National Water Authorities)

P&S Simpson currently operate a fleet of specialized Rigid Mini Tankers & Draw bar vehicle which deliver chemicals such as Nutriox in to Water Treatment works & Industrial water treatment facilities within the UK. Nutriox is a product that has been develop to prevent the build-up Hydrogen Sulphide or H2S in waste water systems.

NOx Reduction & Urea Solutions

Another service P&S Simpson currently offer is Carrying out Bulk & Metered deliveries of different grade Urea Solution for various applications, these include industrial Plant sites, Recycling centers, Manufacturing site, refineries, we also deliver into the maritime sector for sea going fright vessels that operate SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology for the reduction of NOx Gases.