Other services

At P&S Simpson we are equipped and have the facilities to offer many other haulage/ Transport related and liquid discharge services, these services include:

Workshop Services

From our onsite workshops & trained technicians we carry out Trailer Repairs & maintenance, EBS/ABS Diagnostic, Routine Computerized statutory trailer inspections & with the use of our purpose built outdoor wash & preparation area we carry out our own vehicle MOT Preparations, which are readied to be presented to DVSA

Discharge Metering Calibration/Verfication

We have the facilities on onsite, with a purpose built Ad blue specific Proving Vessel. A Proving Vessel is a volume specific piece of equipment that aids in the process of Calibrating/verifying Discharge Metering Systems.


With this equipment our knowledge and contacts within the industry we are able to carry out regular checks and even calibrate/verify varying types of metering systems to insure correct and accurate usage.

Tanker Hire Services

P&S Simpson own an ever growing fleet of road tanker barrels. The fleet of barrels include general purpose tankers right through to fully insulated pressure barrels.


Upon request these barrel can be made available for either spot or long term hire for varying application.

Equipment Sales

with our experience in liquid discharge, we can offer you our knowledge & advise in relation too different types of discharge solutions, these include, Discharge Engines, Pump, Hose’s, Fittings and accessories.


We supply to contacts within our industry and can also supply to customers from many other lines of business. For further details on parts and equipment we can supply please get in touch.